Preparing for photography

Staging the home properly is critical to a successful marketing tour. The goal is to entice potential buyers to virtually move into the space. Regarding furnishings and personal belongings, less is more. Strive to keep rooms as spacious as possible and know that in most situations photographs are taken from the corners of a room where we can capture the most windows. We make every effort to capture the most marketable images of the interior and exteriors and your preparation is the key to making sure what is captured features the area in the best possible condition. Buyers are often most critical of these areas:

  • Exterior Curb Appeal
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room | Family Room | Great Room
  • Master SuiteCheck list of things to consider when staging the home

General Areas

All floor surfaces clean, remove entry rugs, feature hardwood floors where possible
Clean all surfaces including windows, blinds, doors, mirrors, furniture
Make sure all light bulbs are functional with matching bulb ratings for consistent light
Hide power cord leads and cables
Tidy drapes and blinds
Move garbage cans from sight
Remove all personal items e.g. laptops, magazines
Put away remote controls
Limit personal pictures

Kitchen | Dining Area
Clean and put away all dishes and cutlery
Remove small appliances from counters
Clean all countertops and backsplash
Remove magnets or photos from appliances
Remove cleaning products from sight
Hide pet bowls

Make all beds – ensure bed skirt is straight in relation to floor. If you have a choice solid color patterns photograph best
Remove unframed posters
Clear away all clothes from sight – closets are not generally photographed, but best to keep them spacious looking

Remove all personal items from counters and bath area
Clean counters, mirrors and shower doors
Close toilet lid

Mow and trim lawn | Shovel drive and walks
Rake leaves
Remove all gardening equipment e.g. hoses, wheelbarrows
Remove pet waste from yard
Stage patio or deck furniture
Clean grill exterior or cover
Sweep all paved areas free from dirt
Tidy garden
No cars, trucks, boats, trailers in the driveway or parked in front of the house
Remove any yard signs
Pool cover should be removed and water clear of debris
Remove trash containers from view

Day of Photo Shoot
Photography programs are priced for the photographer to arrive on-site with the home ready to photograph.
Turn on all lights – photographer will turn off when done
Open all blinds
Turn off all ceiling fans
Turn off TVs
Pets moved off-site or contained in area not photographed